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A small-scale campaign for an event organised yearly for over 14 years. The purpose of this event is to promote the profiles of famous figures from Warsaw's cultural life and inspire young Warsaw artists to implement innovative artistic events. This year's edition of the festival was mainly inspired by Polish cult films, showing a mix of communist absurdities and national stereotypes. The event included various cultural activities, like concerts, spectacles, discussions and dancings. Our task was to produce visuals for a wide promotion in social medias, along with outdoor prints and screens.​​​​​​​ 


Our design team grew up at the end of the Polish People's Republic, but because we were children, today it is a different universe for us. We only got to know the propaganda, censorship and absurdities of everyday life thanks to the films by Stanisław Bareja. We decided to show this reality as a crazy futuristic vision, years later just as improbable and full of incomprehensible oddities. The more often you think back to these times, the more colors it takes on.

+ Client
The Warsaw Rising Museum 

+ Scope
Key Visual / Illustration / Poster / Promotional

+ Team
Filip Tofil / Urszula Tofil / Dagmara Podkrólewicz

+ Documentation
​​​​​​​photographs from the events/concerts thanks to:
Dorota Kaszuba / The Warsaw Rising Museum

© Syfon Studio 
/ 2021

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